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91 - C215 // OUT OF TIME

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The city of Clermont de l'Oise has a rich history that the artist C215 wanted to revisit through an exhibition at the Town Hall and an artistic journey through its streets. Out of time, the women and men who have marked the history of the town appear over the steps to engrave in the walls a story that goes beyond the city. The exhibition, for its part, presents, like Pierre Viénot, an indefatigable activist for Franco-Germanic rapprochement, those who have bequeathed to us this precious asset that is peace.

This "temporal pilgrimage", a veritable explosion of colors, enhances the cultural heritage of Clermont by bringing it a contemporary look but charged with memory.

AUTHOR: Cyrille Gouyette, City Hall of Clermont de l'Oise

Pages: 96