Anthology of street art Magda Danysz

Anthology of street art Magda Danysz

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How can we explain the cultural ground swell represented by the urban art movement today? Why is this a major movement? What is its artistic specificity? What are its codes and its language? How did this production originally reserved almost exclusively for the urban space invade that of the galleries, giving rise to a real dimension for certain artists? So many questions that this anthology tries to answer, which traces the history of the genre by tracing its beginnings in the 1970s to the new current issues. This historical journey is interspersed with detailed articles on the techniques used, the high places of practice, portraits of the big international names in the discipline. A deep dive into the heart of one of the major currents of contemporary art, enriched with analyzes and critical readings that help to understand the importance of this artistic approach.



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16cm x 23cm