Bernard Vasseur│Levalet
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Bernard Vasseur│Levalet

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141 pages
Text(s) by Bernard Vasseur
Language: English
soft cover
Publisher: H Diffusion

Here is an artist who burns the stages of fame. It is thirty years old and already has - with some seventy exhibitions on the counter - an influence that is growing and a faithful audience that goes beyond the borders of France. So many signs that do not deceive: here is a fabulous designer, and a real talent that makes time because he talks about it without being a slave to it, produces images that are addressed to all by shaking everyone's certainties , invents an urban art that squats the streets to underline their great lack of urbanity. In short, a singular cocktail that this book presents with its sumptuous photos and an analysis that strives to unravel the constituent threads of his art. Unlike street art, Levalet does not use the street as a showcase to display his work, but as a raw material that he works to reveal with tender irony the curiosities, the ambiguities, Blues. With his pasted images, Levalet composes stories that confuse the eye, but he denies being a merchant of orvietan who would only seek to deceive his world. Quite the contrary, he handles illusion like a game, and if he invites us to succumb to it for a moment, it is to have the pleasure of getting out of it. The mirage is, with him, celebrated so that it fades in fine in the festive jubilation of an awakening. Author of multiple works, willingly cultivating paradox and humor, Levalet also knows how to compose exhibitions in galleries to mix the drawings of his characters and a whole shambles of objects that he "undresses" and recomposes, according to discrepancies of a poetry and a fantasy that belong to it.