Bjørn Van Poucke│Street Art Today 2

Bjørn Van Poucke│Street Art Today 2

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272 pages
Text(s) by Bjørn Van Poucke
27.5 x 21cm
Language: English
hard cover
Publisher: Alternatives

This second volume of Street Art/Today offers a panorama of the 50 most important artists of our time. BanksY, JR, Okuda, Lonac, lcy & Sot, Pejac, Axel Void... all illustrate the street art of today and tomorrow. In recent years, festivals dedicated to this movement have developed all over the world, companies have commissioned certain artists for billboards and municipalities have tried to attract others (or the same ones!), in a process of neighborhood gentrification. Therefore, one can wonder if street art is still interested in the street. Since he left the underground scene, how has he evolved and what is his future? Bjørn Van Poucke tried to answer these questions by interviewing the most influential artists on the current scene. Bjørn Van Poucke is the founder and curator of Crystal Ship, a contemporary art festival specializing in public space that selects and exhibits visual artists from around the world.