C215 The Monograph
Albin Michel

C215 The Monograph

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  • “The art of C215 is to capture light, depth and humanity. It's very difficult to do with stencil — his favorite medium — and rarely successful. This technique tends to flatten the images and make them static. On the contrary, C215 has developed a style of illustration and cutting that reveals the deep personality of his subjects, bringing them an impressionistic light. Although his technique is meticulous, in the finest sense of the word, C215's art transcends pure form and seems to touch the very essence of the human soul.

    It's always a great pleasure for me to come across the works of C215 in the street. »

  • Hardcover: 308 pages
  • Product dimensions: 24.13 x 3.56 x 29.72 cm
  • Publisher : Albin Michel (October 14, 2015)