Comer OBK|Scored for life! 30 years of "vandal" graffiti...
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Comer OBK|Scored for life! 30 years of "vandal" graffiti...

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Comer OBK was a major player in the Parisian vandal scene of the 90s. Like many, his daily life changed during the wave of arrests that shook the milieu from 2001. An experience that Comer carried with him for more than 15 years before decide to surrender. In Marked for Life! , he lays the foundations of a somewhat winding journey that starts in his childhood and ends in 2012, the end of the trial. And his story is unfiltered: he exposes his story with its ups, downs and anecdotes that make the life of a man who gave everything for his passion: Graffiti. If Comer comes to the table, it's to share an experience that he wants to be honest, at the risk of shocking more than one.

A block of 340 pages, texts without concessions, sometimes raw, which reveal the behind the scenes of the Parisian graffiti scene. In this intimate and committed vision of the movement, Comer reveals his truth page after page.