Joachim ROMAIN - Box#1
Joachim ROMAIN - Box#1
Joachim ROMAIN - Box#1
Joachim Romain

Joachim ROMAIN - Box#1

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Passionate about art and architecture , ARDPG always seeks , through his work , to create visual contrasts, to dig the surface of things in order to invite us to understand that what we are looking at is only part of creation and that it is up to everyone to look further to obtain more artistic answers.

In an era where everything is speed, ARDPG's work on words invites viewers to stop and take the time to read and decipher its message. His architectures of letters , or moucharabiehs of words play with materials and light to develop works that evolve with their environments.

In 2022 ARDPG produced a large work TRUE LOVE which adorns the rooftop of Fluctuart .

Today, ARDPG and Fluctuart wanted to offer this work in an edition of 100 copies in 1/8th scale.

In order to respect the values ​​and the artistic commitment of the artist, the production was made in France and in wood from a sector of the South West .

Thus each piece of this series will be unique because it will include all the aesthetic magic of this material , with its knots , its roughness and this reference to the original piece that plastic would not have highlighted.

TRUE LOVE is a carved and painted wood sculpture. These words are treated like a rediscovered fossil, an archaeological element that reappears. Love always comes back to the front and adapts to all the facets of our desires.

Abused, forgotten, hidden but still there, ARDPG brings true love back to life in an archeology of words, which everyone will interpret and adapt to their desires...

True Love

Cut and painted wood



Limited edition of 100 copies, delivered with a certificate of authenticity signed and numbered by the artist

Pre-orders are open, the sculptures will be available from 11.02.23