Graffiti Art Magazine #64 | July – August 2022
Graffiti Art Magazine

Graffiti Art Magazine #64 | July – August 2022

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Street Art for origin.
Urban Contemporary Art for expression.

Urban Art resists

EDITORIAL #64 | July – August 2022

The summer of 2022 is here, full of promises of renewal, full of invigorating projects, full of new desires... Summer is the occasion for a road trip to discover the high places of Street Art and the trends that go with it. are his wealth.

In search of sunshine and regenerating destinations, we set out to witness the blossoming of the bubbling Street Art scene in Athens, the cradle of democracy, where the ancient past meets activism for another world. Then we cross the Mediterranean to land in Djerbahood, the island of dreams, where Street Art has transformed the village of Erriadh, a thousand-year-old heritage, into an open-air museum and a major destination for fans.

After this full of UV, the Transition – Les Portes project brings a wave of freshness with its 140 doors from a housing estate, now demolished, exhibited in the rooms and alcoves of the Abbey of Saint-Riquier and dispersed for the benefit of Secours Populaire. Hungry for colors, we are flashing back to the second edition of the Colors Festival, which this year took over a disused building in the heart of Paris.
In Street Art, not everyone wants to be recognized, or even known. We explore different facets of anonymity in Street Art, where "being anonymous" can grant superpowers: tenfold notoriety, gift of ubiquity, legal shield...
In this issue, we meet artists with unique signatures. From Bom.K and its almost angelic darkness, to the pioneering and virtuoso MODE 2 and ELLE and its colorful pictorial poetry, we are doing a big split and we love it. The highlighting of the plurality of Street Art also goes through INO and its historical silhouettes in black and white enhanced with a blue spray and Ludovilk Myers with his joyful abstraction.
Have a nice summer everyone. We will meet again at the start of the school year and will be present at District 13 (Paris) from September 15 to 18, 2022.

Street Art in the spotlight.