Crunch the city. Techniques and inspirations of urban sketchers

Crunch the city. Techniques and inspirations of urban sketchers

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From a low-key street scene to a sweeping cityscape, learn all the techniques you need to improve your sketches and capture the quintessence of your surroundings wherever you are, from a small fishing port to a bustling city market.
This book will teach you the basics of urban sketching, from composition and perspective to the choice of colors (or their absence) and the drawing of typical environments.
Find in this book:
• Inspirational sketches made by 40 designers from around the world.
• A multitude of ideas and tips for drawing absolutely any type of environment, from large majestic monuments to everyday street scenes.
• In focus, five emblematic monuments sketched by different designers according to their own sensitivity, which will make you want to start your turn.
• Tips for learning to identify classic architectural elements such as columns, buttresses or rosettes.
Whatever location you choose to capture, this book will help you find inspiration, boost your creativity, and hone your technique.

  • Paperback: 160 pages
  • Product dimensions: 25.5 x 1.4 x 20.4 cm
  • Publisher : Pyramyd (February 18, 2016)