Deco Spray Light pink 100ml - Pébéo

Deco Spray Light pink 100ml - Pébéo

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Water-based paint, light pink color, with a matte finish. Lightfast color, for multi-media decoration.

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Light pink Lightfast Matte finish


Basis: Water

Target: 12+, Community, Adult, Student, Beginner amateur, Confirmed amateur
Size: 100ml
Dangerous. Respect the precautions for use.


Shake the spray well before use.

Apply directly to the spray. The diffuser is the "brush" of the spray and as such must be maintained. For this, the bomb must be purged after each use, by emptying the bomb, upside down. Replacement diffusers are sold separately to vary effects and lines. One of them allows you to pour paint into a cup and use it as liquid paint.

Apply on a clean and degreased surface. For an optimal result on porous supports such as raw wood, it is advisable to apply the white or black decoSpray Gesso as an undercoat.

Hold the aerosol upright during use.

Handy: format suitable for handling.

Ideal for most surfaces, even those with difficult access.

Low pressure for optimal precision.

Paint stains can be removed with soap and water within the first 20-25 minutes after application. Once completely dry (12 hours), decoSpray is indelible, permanent and weatherproof (outdoor use).