Elise Clerc & Audrey Derquenne - Graffiti Artists

Elise Clerc & Audrey Derquenne - Graffiti Artists

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From the 1980s to today, 47 graffiti girls... Graffeuses is a tribute to those who practice pure graffiti in France. Of course, in this essentially male environment, they are in the minority and if on the one hand, they can arouse curiosity or even admiration, they also come up against certain clichés. Running slower, being a balance, having no technique... these are the "qualities" that we attribute to them. And a simple “not bad for a girl!” as a recurring compliment. So many prejudices that the authors, graffiti artists themselves, have decided to undermine by going to collect from their colleagues, a raw word that tells both a personal experience and a shared passion for this demanding discipline. Four men also took part in the adventure, delivering their vision of girl-style graffiti live. Through the hundreds of photographs presented here, the style, whether claimed feminine or asexual, unambiguously illustrates the same love for letters and their infinite graphic possibilities. Enough to paint a portrait, in multi-facets, of an artistic production that is too little known and that it was high time to highlight.

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