Felix Braun│Children of the Can: Bristol Graffiti and Street Art
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Felix Braun│Children of the Can: Bristol Graffiti and Street Art

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Children of the Can: Bristol Street Art and Graffiti is the follow-up to 2008's hugely successful Children of the Can: 25 Years of Bristol Graffiti. What started out as a straightforward second edition quickly took on a life of its own and has grown into a new project. Since the initial publication of Children of the Can the Bristol graffiti scene has seen the emergence of many new artists and events, cementing Bristol's status as one of the UK and Europe's most influential cities in the street art movement. With more than 60 added pages and more than 20 new artists and events Children of the Can: Bristol Graffiti and Street Art gives a comprehensive A-Z of some of the biggest names in Bristol graffiti. Including: 3D, Banksy, Cheo, China Mike, Filthy Luker, FLX, Haka, Inkie, Jeff Row, Jody, Lokey, Mr.Jago, Mudwig, Nick Walker, Rowdy, Sickboy, Soker, What Collective, Will Barras, The Z -Boys and many more - Author Felix 'FLX' Braun started writing graffiti in the mid-80s and grew up with the Bristol scene painting alongside the likes of Inkie and Nick Walker. He continues to live and paint in the city and has unrivaled access to the artists and their work. Here, they tell their stories in their own words. Many of the images in Children of the Can have never before been published and many have been provided from the artists' sketchbooks and private collections. The book aims is the definitive collection of Bristol graffiti, containing several hundred images.
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