Future/Memory: Street Culture & Contemporary Art
Dokument Press

Future/Memory: Street Culture & Contemporary Art

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The exhibition Future/Memory presents works by renowned international artists rooted in and inspired by street culture. Questions are raised about our urban habitat, processes of artistic transformation are highlighted and attention is drawn to new ways of viewing our social, urban and architectural surroundings. With their different artistic approaches, the exhibition shows the artists' views on society and urban cohabitation, their perspectives on the cities and streets they roam and inhabit. Objects lying discarded in the street are turned into sculptures; Images of playing children from the Bronx transform into contemporary testimonies of the 1980s; Graffiti transforms into abstract and conceptual art and a blank, wooden wall becomes the contemporary vision of a mythical altar. Most of the works were created in situ, ranging from painting, photography and sculpture to installations and conceptual art.
  • Hardcover: 170 pages
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