Graffiti Art Magazine #49 | March – May 2020
Graffiti Art Magazine

Graffiti Art Magazine #49 | March – May 2020

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¡ Viva la Revolution!

EDITORIAL #49 | March-April 2020

In this early spring, let's discover Havana where Street Art, a reflection of society, is transformed into political or partisan propaganda in search of new ideals (ecology, etc.) or a new aesthetic. Proliferation and sharing also animate Le Mausolée, where Lek & Sowat take us in Urbex mode into a world of bewitching and geometric shapes.

Technology shapes and influences Street Art in its modes of expression and is part of the DNA of many works. As such, Urban Art Fair (Paris) from April 23 to 26 will be an opportunity to explore works in immersive mode with a virtual reality experience not to be missed.

On the talent side, the duos Herakut and Murmure Street are in the spotlight, experimentation with the nocturnal peregrinations of Logan Hicks and the social actions of ±MaisMenos±. For his part, Hush magnifies the half-goddess, half-geisha woman. Our trip ends with a one-way dive into the world of Mr Doodle, full of color and poetry.

The success of the White Page Challenge and our monthly Newsletter, and your encouragement after the relocation of the printing of our magazine to the Paris region, encourage us to create more interactions with our community.
Other initiatives are to come. Stay tuned!

¡Viva la Revolution!

EDITORIAL #49 | March-May 2020

For the beginning of spring, we bring you to Havana where street art mirrors society from political and partisan propaganda to a quest for new ideals (environment…) and aesthetics. We also find a vibrant atmosphere and spirit of sharing at Le Mausolée, where Lek & Sowat take us on an urbex dive into a world of enthralling geometric shapes.

Street art modes of expression are being shaped and influenced by technology, now in the DNA of many such works. From 23 to 26 April, the Urban Art Fair in Paris will be the opportunity to immerse ourselves in creations through a must-see VR experience.

This issue also highlights the talented Herakut and Murmure Street duos, Logan Hicks's experimentation and nocturnal wanders, as well as the social activism of ±MaisMenos±. The spotlight is on Hush, too, who glorifies the female – half goddess, half geisha. Our adventure then ends with a one-way trip to the poetical and colorful world of Mr. Doodle.

Your enthusiasm for the White Page Challenge and our monthly newsletter, as well as your support in relocating the printing of the magazine to the Paris region encourages us to engage more and more with our community.
Other initiatives will come. Stay tuned!