Graffiti Art Magazine #56 | June 2021
Graffiti Art Magazine

Graffiti Art Magazine #56 | June 2021

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Fingers crossed with Street Art...

EDITORIAL #56 | June 2021

Cultural venues, festivals, urban art fairs and galleries are gradually regaining their rights... The rediscovered conviviality erases the isolation that is too often suffered. New encounters between street artists and fans are multiplying in the shade of new frescoes. The smell of aerosols and paint smells of uninhibited Street Art. Welcome freedom darling! Welcome carefree desired!

Avid for lightness after such an atypical period, we explore the intimate relationship between Street Art and comics, and their springs that make us so addicted to Graffiti and Comics.

Towards new horizons

Eager for other horizons, we set off to explore the Street Art scene of Montreal and discover neighborhoods and frescoes that are worth the trip... But since traveling long distances to paint or discover frescoes will certainly remain tricky for a while, street artists and fans will retreat to local stages. Let's explore two easily accessible destinations: Street Art Fest Grenoble-Alpes (FR), a festival with 200 frescoes and Street Art City in Lurcy-Lévis in the Allier (FR), where more than a hundred artists have invested a former training center.

Street Art as a revealer of the world

We also wanted to understand different perceptions of reality offered by the artists featured in this edition. Indeed, if Nychos analyzes living beings and dissects them with surgical precision, Leon Keer sows confusion, plays with our senses and turns a drawing into an object... Let's also meet Lor-K, who transforms the waste of our societies into works of street art, and Mateo, who adopts an equivalent approach of transforming matter while questioning our cultural identities. BK Foxx, meanwhile, captures moments, creates emotions and transforms walls into scenes of life to make the memories of our smartphones green with envy. In another style, Mikael B develops an abstract narration that invites the public into their inner imagination.

Street Art to reveal the world!