Graffiti Art Magazine #57 | July - August 2021
Graffiti Art Magazine

Graffiti Art Magazine #57 | July - August 2021

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Lay down the masks, a new Street Art season has arrived!

EDITORIAL #57 | July – August 2021

Like a vintage of a great wine, the 2021 urban art was eagerly awaited. The artists have resumed the assault on the walls. The galleries are open. Urban art fairs are back. Fans flock to festivals.

To guide you in exploring urban art in 2021, providing an overview of "Destination Street Art" and its diversity was obvious for this summer issue: destinations to discover, or to rediscover with envy. Throughout this magazine, you will find more than fifteen festivals and urban art meetings in France and Europe, permanent or temporary places dedicated to Street Art (Spot13, Transition Abbeville) and many other initiatives.

Let's not forget that the Street Art scene is global and thrives on the encounter of artists with different origins, cultures, sensitivities and techniques. New Delhi is a perfect illustration of a melting pot of individual works or collaborations, where the local scene marries and confronts recognized international artists. The result is unique.

Equally unique is the success of KAWS. Is it Art or Marketing? We wonder about this question, but is the question itself relevant?

Let's not lose sight of what urban art owes to its pioneers. Jacques Villeglé, 95 years old, inventor of "torn posters" and considered as the initiator of Street Art, shares with us highlights of his life and his art practiced for more than 70 years.

Let's dive into Gonzalo Borondo's immersive Hereditas journey, currently at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Segovia, Wild Drawing's mastery of anamorphosis and Claudio Ethos' surrealist-influenced works. Let's also find the sparkling universe of Bouda and the ultra-colorful one of the fantastic animals of Dulk.

This summer, stock up on Street Art!