Graffiti Art Magazine #59 | December - January 2022
Graffiti Art Magazine

Graffiti Art Magazine #59 | December - January 2022

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Street Art for origin.
Urban Contemporary Art for expression.

When Street Art makes its cinema

EDITORIAL #60 | December – January 2021

Street Art draws from the 7th Art a certain taste for staging and unlimited inspiration by representing or transfiguring heroes or mythical characters. Among which, Master Yoda, Superman, Homer Simpson and Snow White occupy a very special place. Blanche-Neige gains in darkness and loses in candor after passing through the hands of Goin and Greg “Léon” Guillemin.

This recovery of myths questions the rights attached to these popular people who have become an integral part of a global and transgenerational cultural base. We explore in a new section "Expert Eye" the rights of street artists, some of which arise from the simple "spray" on the property of others...

The systemic urban conquest rubs shoulders with institutionalized and even regulated frameworks. Let's take the case of Melbourne and its AC/DC Lane, Hosier Lane, etc., where the spontaneous and disorganized growth gradually gives way to rules, habits, customs and codes between graffiti artists. The monumental frescoes also flourish with the authorization, or even on orders, of the owners or lessors of the walls. These commissions guarantee continuous or regular production, visibility and subsidies for the artists. On the one hand, the works can be "perennial" (or at least intended to last a few years) and constitute real open-air museums, such as the exomuseum in Le Locle in the heart of the watchmaking valley. in Swiss. Or they can be very short-lived. Thus, Le MUR Oberkampf in Paris offers a new work every two weeks, and borrows the codes of billboard advertising to create permanent attention. The success is there. Today Le MUR has conquered many cities in France and Belgium.

On the talent side, we went to meet one of the precursors of Street Art in France, Speedy Graphito, with constantly renewed creations, but with such recognizable styles, and Sowat, graffiti artist converted to canvas in search of figurative harmony. . We also explore the worlds of Hilda Palafox, who depicts women and their forms, and David de la Mano, who questions the human condition and ignored nature, and Hense's neo-muralism. To add a Pop touch, we find some of our urban heroes under the brushes of Greg “Léon” Guillemin.

Last but not least, the 2021 edition of the Urban Contemporary Art Guide is available at newsstands, on our APP and via our online store

Street Art, an endless journey.