Graffiti Art Magazine #62 | April - May 2022
Graffiti Art Magazine

Graffiti Art Magazine #62 | April - May 2022

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Street Art for origin.
Urban Contemporary Art for expression.

Urban Art at the top of your lungs

EDITORIAL #62 | April – May 2022

With the arrival of spring, Urban Art takes a breath of fresh air, but also holds its breath and continues its fight for democracy here and elsewhere. It's up to us to follow him over hill and dale.

First stop, New York. From the roots of vandal graffiti to the birth of muralism, New York is at the crossroads of countercultures and home to the sparks of creative fire. Second stop, In Da Friche (France) where Urban Art brings a former military base to heel and plunges us into the sources of Urbex graffiti.

On the pioneer side, we meet the artist Ernest Pignon-Ernest whose mastery of places and formulas have given letters of nobility to Urban Art. From one engagement to another, Yseult YZ Digan places "her" women at the heart of the fight and the two Iranian brothers Icy & Sot confront the ills of a society with distorted values: armed violence, child labor, climate change... As for Alex Face, he questions us with an apparent almost childlike candor about the future of future generations, while the EvazéSir duo captures the flight of time and fading memory. In an incomparable style, STOHEAD experiments with "written abstraction" at the crossroads of urban calligraphy and abstract painting.

Urban Art is not a contradiction, we explore the complex relationships between popular Urban Art by nature and elitist Urban Art by destination when it embraces the most luxurious brands and rubs shoulders with dizzying heights during sales. at prestigious auctions.

GraffitiART will be present at Urban Art Fair from May 12 to 15, 2022. An opportunity to meet us and rediscover our guides and the archives of our magazines

For an Urban Art full of life.