Graffiti Art Magazine #63 | May – June 2022
Graffiti Art Magazine

Graffiti Art Magazine #63 | May – June 2022

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Street Art for origin.
Urban Contemporary Art for expression.

Urban Art resists

EDITORIAL #63 | May – June 2022

In this particular period, our desire for new air pushes us to travel and explore new horizons. Creativity comes from encounters.

In this issue, we discover Berlin, the Mecca of Graffiti in Europe and laboratory of Street Art during the fall of the Wall. Also in Germany, the great walls of Stadt.Wand.Kunst in Mannheim give us a new and militant breath.

Street Art is an expression that is both artistic and political. But it is also a management lever, as demonstrated by the co-creations between artists and employees at Europcar Mobility Group when reclaiming premises that were almost deserted after two years of health crisis.

The keystone of all these achievements are the artists with unique signatures. In this issue of GraffitiART, the stencils of Jef Aérosol, whose works echo current events, respond to the playful art of Luke Newton, with strong and subtle messages. Inigo Sesma oscillates between ordinary and extraordinary in works of disconcerting realism. Urban Art is also an art of recovery, the unique laces of NeSpoon and the sensual faces of Dourone dress our cities.

GraffitiART will be present at Urban Art Fair Paris from May 12 to 15. Meet us at our stand.

Last but not least, the tripling of the price of paper in 12 months, after the health crisis, is a tournade for the press. GraffitiART rounds and does not break.

Urban Art resists!