Henri Laborit│The man and the city

Henri Laborit│The man and the city

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The purpose of any living structure is to maintain this structure: a social group represents a living structure of a certain level of complexity. Henri Laborit demonstrates that the city is one of the means used by any social group to preserve its structure. Indeed, Man who, until recently, only discovered physics and used it to increase his technical power, allowing the domination of certain individuals or certain human groups over others (the more often through profit), used the city for the same purpose. Everything is done there to ensure the defense of the property of objects, beings, means of production, hierarchical levels. The progressive destruction of the environment and the disappearance of the human species, to which this type of behavior of power can lead, will perhaps found the great fear that will lead man to transform the purpose of social groups for the sole "profit" of the human species. The city's participation in this evolution shows that town planning is not just a specialist problem: it is the problem of human life as a whole that is posed.

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