Hey! Modern Art & Pop Culture: Artshow Part 2

Hey! Modern Art & Pop Culture: Artshow Part 2

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Find the best of the “HEY! Modern Art & Pop Culture / Part II” throughout the pages of this remarkable exhibition catalogue!
For the second time, the Halle Saint Pierre museum and the magazine HEY! join forces to present the exhibition “HEY! Modern Art & Pop Culture / Part I”. The success of the first edition, which brought together more than 64 international artists (mostly published in the magazine), is well established. This second exhibition guarantees the same “power of discovery”: it remains an encounter between the currents of pop culture, popular forms of modern and contemporary art, outsider art and singular art.
This second catalog follows the same radical, powerful and contemporary aesthetic line as that of the magazine, established by their creators Anne & Julien, with the aim of formulating a caustic and playful singularity.
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  • Publisher : ANKAMA EDITIONS (January 10, 2013)
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