Hip-hop 360 - Exhibition catalog - Collector
Hip-hop 360 - Exhibition catalog - Collector

Hip-hop 360 - Exhibition catalog - Collector

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Limited and numbered edition of 1,000 copies
American dust jacket with original screen-printed work, specially created by Darco, unfoldable as a poster.

Counter-culture in the 1980s, hip-hop is today a mass culture, whose influence is as much aesthetic as commercial. Between dance, beatbox, rap, fashion, attitude and graffiti, his expressions are plural. How to tell the emergence of such a rich and varied artistic movement? "Hip-hop 360" has nothing to do with a traditional catalogue: this book carries the voices of hip-hop actors loudly, to transcribe the energy and ingenuity of a current constantly listening to new forms. creation and distribution. Journalists, beatmakers, rappers, dancers, producers, photographers and musicians trace the emergence of French hip-hop and its identity, shaped from the American model by adapting music, flow and narratives to the social and cultural history of the Hexagon.
To reflect this culture of contrasts, a bold layout mixes numerous texts (first-person accounts, lyrics by emblematic rappers, punchlines, historical and cultural recontextualizations, etc.) and mixes up a fascinating iconography. Posters, record covers, vintage clothing, vintage photographs and iconic objects invite us to dive into four decades of music commented on by those who made hip-hop a total art.

Twenty unpublished interviews with:
Akhenaten; B-Boy Junior; BBP; Sophie Bramley; Olivier Cachin; Dan of Tikaret; Dee Nasty; DJ LBR; Faya Braz; Flem; Francois Gautret; Kery James; Lala &ce; The Chemist; Thibaut de Longeville; Fred Musa; Oeno; Oxmo Puccino; Leila Sy; Therapy 2093; Bernard Zekri

"Hip-hop 360" exhibition at the Philharmonie de Paris from December 17, 2021 to July 24, 2022

192 pages / 100 illustrations

Co-edition Réunion des Musées Nationaux - Grand Palais / Philharmonie de Paris