Hip Hop coloring Book
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Hip Hop coloring Book

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In the series of coloring books from the Swedes of Dokument, Hip Hop Coloring Book is a playful way to introduce the youngest to the history of Hip Hop. The great B-boys will appreciate the most important figures of the movement represented in cartoon style, from the golden age of the beginnings to the current superstars. 64 richly illustrated pages to put in all hands, from graffiti sketch enthusiasts to rap and pop culture lovers.

Author Mark 563 has been an Australian-based illustrator and tattoo artist since 2005. The designs in the book are a selection of the best sketches from his Evolution Of The B-Boy series. A relentless vinyl collector, he has already mixed alongside EPMD, Souls of Mischief, J-Live, The RZA and many others...

The thick paper will be suitable for both alcohol-based and water-based markers.

Soft cover | Publisher: Document | ISBN: 978-91-85639-83-0