KASHINK - First years in Paris, 2001-2015
KASHINK - First years in Paris, 2001-2015

KASHINK - First years in Paris, 2001-2015

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KASHINK , a Parisian artist very active in urban art, offers with this art book a retrospective of her first years in Paris, from 2001 to 2015. From her first stickers to her monumental frescoes in support of equal rights , this book retraces the highlights that marked his activity in the street and in the gallery.

Attached to her city and her neighborhood in the 20th arrondissement, KASHINK offers us her vision of a Paris that she loves deeply. From the various emblematic places of Parisian street art now destroyed, such as rue Denoyez in Belleville or the RATP warehouse on rue des Pyrénées, to the more historic districts of the capital, the artist's creations evolve, his universe takes shape. with protean, four-eyed characters, sharp, graphic lines, flat tints of bright colors.

KASHINK considers his work as an activist, not only in questioning the codes of our society, but also in sharing and humor. A mini coloring book is offered at the end of the book, to immerse yourself in the artist's universe and invent your own creations.

My work is activist, I like this word in which we find the notion of action. I want to share my vision with a smile, to elicit positive and unexpected reactions. I understood that the best way to get a message across is not to yell your claims in people's heads, but to make your ideas understood simply, with a smile, and by communicating with others. For 2 years that I wear this mustache every day, I lived all kinds of situations, but never felt any animosity. When I meet an insistent gaze, I smile. When I have questions, I answer and explain very simply that artists are the ones who can ask questions, that two absurd strokes can change everything, and that it's funny.

In my neighborhood, everyone now knows who the girl with the mustache is who paints walls, they have seen me doing or walked past my paintings. I launched participatory projects with the inhabitants of my neighborhood, I invite them to paint, we collaborate on frescoes. This summer we even made a first film together. With the help of local associations, and the good energy of people in the neighborhood, we set up projects that make sense, that highlight what I like so much about Paris, diversity, living together, mixing cultures, generations, tastes, experiences. I also consider that as activism.

– Kashink, excerpt from the preface

Number of pages: 152

Circulation: 700

Shaping: finished format 22 x 20 Italian style, blank endpapers added 2 x 4 pages, hardback binding, sewn notebooks, round spine, edgeband.