The stencil manual

The stencil manual

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Do you want to start making stencils or simply go behind the scenes of their creation? You hold the right book in your hands. This manual lists the techniques to explore all the possibilities of the art of stencil, so that everyone can forge their own style.

The stencil has no limits, it adapts to all forms of aesthetics. However, we often have an extremely reduced vision of it. In order to broaden the perspectives, the artist C215 delivers here his experience, but also that of key players in this artistic scene, recognized in France and abroad. Numerous contributions that enrich the book with testimonies, but also with works and practices.

Add Fuel (Portugal) • Aleteïa (France) • Ben Eine (England) • Epsylon Point (France) • Evol (Germany) • Jef Aérosol (France) • Logan Hicks (United States) • M-city (Poland) • Miss .Tic (France) • Monkey Bird (France) • Nick Walker (England) • Snik (England) • Speedy Graphito (France) • Sten & Lex (Italy) • Stew (France) • Stinkfish (Colombia)