Miss Tic - Flashback 30 years of creation (soft version)
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Miss Tic - Flashback 30 years of creation (soft version)

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In 1985, Miss.Tic began to inscribe her signature on the walls of Paris. In 2015, she is still at work...
From palisades to picture rails, from vacant lots to waves to the soul, from lawsuits for degradation to public commissions, his work has not aged a bit.
This book revisits thirty years of creation by an artist anchored in her time, an amazon of urban art who has worked to make art accessible to all by abolishing the border between exhibition space and work of art. .
Visual artist and poet, with audacity and perseverance, she has become the essential and emblematic figure of the street art scene. Miss.Tic unveils unpublished images for this "anniversary" book. Between confidences and rants, she reminisces, remembers, evokes her years of apprenticeship, doubts, enthusiasm... We meet other artists, fellow travelers. We find there his art, multiple and varied, revealing a living and committed creation.

Pages: 224