MTN Limited Edition Jean-Michel Basquiat
MTN Limited Edition Jean-Michel Basquiat
MTN Limited Edition Jean-Michel Basquiat

MTN Limited Edition Jean-Michel Basquiat

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  • Special Series: 30 copies available in France.
    Red color.

    New Yorker Jean-Michel Basquiat took his first steps in graffiti at the end of the 70s under the pseudonym SAMO ( Same Old Shit ). He will thus quickly make a reputation in the artistic milieu of the East Village. In the studio he develops a new genre, combining writing and collage. He collaborates regularly with Andy Warhol, emblematic figure of Pop-Art, who will become his friend. From the age of 25, Basquiat is considered one of the prodigies of Contemporary Art. A very popular avant-garde painter, he was one of the pioneers of the underground movement of the 80s.

    He died in 1998 following an overdose leaving behind a considerable number of paintings and drawings. In December 2017, one of his paintings was sold for $105 million by Sotheby's.

    Montana Colors is dedicating a very limited edition collector's spray to him. The design of the bomb is lithographed, that is to say printed directly on the metal and not affixed to a simple paper label.

    Legal notice: dangerous, respect the precautions for use.
    The safety data is detailed in the product photos.