NES Game Special Edition ZDEY
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NES Game Special Edition ZDEY

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NES Cartridge

Here is a new game in its collector's version for your old NES! Zdey The Game is a mini 2D platformer developed based on large pixels as we like them on NES. You play as Zdey - your mischievous alter ego - in his quest for the Paris metro!

But before arriving at the mythical Train Yard, you will have to burst out of the grandma with a horny cat, avoid those filthy rats and bribe dog handlers with questionable principles.

Have you survived the pitfalls of the street? You will now have to face the final boss: a mad but bulimic policeman! Throw donuts at him to advance your piece without getting arrested! It's a race against time to kill the spot and leave your high score blaze!

This game contains:

  • 512 Kilobytes of urban adventure

  • 11 international street artists

  • 7 levels of pure fun

  • 1 Password system

  • 18 cheat codes ;)