Offenses Opus #34 36recyclab

Offenses Opus #34 36recyclab

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36recyclab learned to read and love "urbanity" by practicing skateboarding, then became passionate about mathematics, to finally choose design and architecture as a profession. Initiated in graffiti in the 2000s, the poster designer translates a little of each of these universes in the street. He invests the city through the technique of collage, with large-format posters that allow him to bring out of the wall surface improbable machines, conceptual structures, mechanical architectures.
The lines are straight, angular, tangled, cut and connected; and lead the passer-by into an illusory depth created by 3D perspective.

Between graffiti and mathematics, 36recyclab imposes a personal style in black and white oscillating with subtlety between figuration and abstraction.

Texts: Samantha Longhi

Pages: 72