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Opus offense - BRUSK (evolving art)

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Brusques the works of Brusk? Despite this provocative pseudonym, the artist demonstrates a strong sensitivity to the society in which he lives: “My name corresponds to my way of being, of painting; like my style which is completely in tune with the world around us: abrupt! »
Colourful, committed, Brusk's paintings denote a true artistic sense as much as a freedom of thought. Present on the walls here and elsewhere, his art brings a fresh and daring reading of current events.

Are Brusk's parts abrupt? Despite the provocative pseudonym, the artist has displayed great sensitivity towards the society in which he lives: “My name matches how I am and how I paint; y style is completely in keeping with the world around us: abrupt! Brusk's colorful and engaging paintings denote real artistic flair and free thought. His art can be seen on walls at home and away and provide a fresh and bold look at current events.

Bilingual French/English book


Texts: Muriel Gutierrez

Pages: 96