Opus Délit - KATRE (entropik cities)
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Opus Délit - KATRE (entropik cities)

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Abandoned factories, abandoned buildings, dilapidated industrial wastelands. Katre loves ruins and their mysteries. As an external support, to paint his graffiti, but also for their particular aesthetics.

When in situ painting is no longer enough to satisfy his thirst for creativity in the face of these abandoned spaces, he turns to photography. In black and white, in large format. On which he creates graffiti, large monochrome movements between calligraphy and graffiti. With deceptive and haunting perspectives, the photographs contrast with the colorful dynamics of the spray-painted strokes.

Passionate about graffiti since the 1990s, Katre first practiced the "classic" style. But his interest in deserted places will lead him to a much more personal creative space, while propelling him as a unifier of artists around these unusual places. Evidenced by the two books he directs and signs: "Hors du temps 1 et 2" published by Colorszoo (2005), then Pyramyd (2012).

Between graffiti and the exploration of abandoned spaces, Katre pursues her path as an artist from covering new exterior walls to participating in exhibitions and festivals, in Paris and around the world (China, Chile, USA, Australia, Germany, Spain, Italy.).