Ozmo 1998-2018
Ozmo 1998-2018

Ozmo 1998-2018

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Ozmo 1998-2018 tells the evolution of the artist, of a generation of artists and the history of the avant-garde. From graffiti to street art, from art galleries to museums, Ozmo's work is the synthesis of what happened to a handful of artists who found in the street and its rules the cradle of a form of expression that has become more and more conscious and recognizable, enough to feel the need to be read on several levels: social, political and artistic. Halfway between an elegant and thoughtful journey through the images (edited by the nationalhood graphic design studio) and a technical tool to correct and make the artist's work known in depth, Ozmo 1998-2018 is accompanied by 5 critical texts that retrace 5 different themes identified by curator Francesca Holsenn in order to immerse the reader conceptually in her work. It is an impressive book of objects, a real collector's item, which can serve as a reference and have a strong aesthetic impact. The grandeur of Ozmo's muralism work flows naturally into full-frame spreads capable of giving nearly the same giddy feeling you feel when enjoying the live works. The archival work and the search for the material have also led to the publication of images that take us into the artist's studio in various temporal contexts, giving new and intimate moments of his work but not only! The opportunity for Ozmo to work all over the world and to collect photographic material in all places gives the book a real added value, which consists in being able to travel with the artist to savor in an authentic and complete way important characteristics of his work. : the close contact that each creation has and has had with the places in which it was created. Ozmo, was born in Pontedera, Pisa in 1975, Ozmo took his first steps in the world of comics, but since the early 90s he quickly focused on writing and painting. In no time, his tag would have become one of the most famous and respected in the Italian graffiti scene.

  • Hardcover: 240 pages
  • ISBN-10: 8885608256
  • ISBN-13: 978-8885608252
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  • Publisher : Crowdbooks (March 28, 2019)
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