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From the beginning of the 20th century, many artists abandoned the territory of idealism, rejected traditional forms of representation altogether and deserted institutional places to immerse themselves in the order of concrete things . Reality becomes a primary concern, with, as a consequence, an overhaul of the “art world”, from the gallery to the museum, from the market to the concept of art itself. New artistic practices and forms then emerge: intervention art and committed art of an activist nature, art investing the urban space or the landscape, participatory or active aesthetics in the fields of the economy, the media, or the spectacle. The artist becomes an involved, often disruptive social actor. As for the work of art, it adopts a resolutely new, problematic turn, more than ever in relation to the world as it is. She appeals to the enhancement of raw reality, precisely to “context”. Art becomes contextual. It is this inflection, characteristic of modern then contemporary art, that the author maintains for us by delivering the first synthesis on the subject. It favors concrete examples but also the questions that these practices do not fail to raise.
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  • Publisher : Flammarion (March 2, 2009)
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