Poppik - Portrait Frida Kahlo
Poppik - Portrait Frida Kahlo

Poppik - Portrait Frida Kahlo

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Contents: 1 poster (40 x 65 cm) + 1600 stickers
Repositionable stickers
All ages from 7 years old

Immerse yourself in a joyful and facetious universe, with multiple wacky characters. On the large partially colored poster, the child sticks the stickers of various colors following the numbers indicated. Little by little, the decor appears, as if by magic! We stick the stickers next to each other, like a giant mosaic in stickers, or a giant coloring in stickers. - Once the sticker activity is completed, this educational game turns into a very beautiful poster to decorate a children's room.

Exists in 5 variants:

- Street art

- Video game

- Pop Art

- Portrait of Frida Kahlo

- The Mona Lisa