SWOON - The Red Skein
SWOON - The Red Skein
SWOON - The Red Skein
SWOON - The Red Skein

SWOON - The Red Skein

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The Red Skein is the new monograph of Swoon spanning more than the last decade.
In 224 pages, with more than 200 colored images, this book explores the work of Caledonia Curry, also known as Swoon, one of the most famous female Street Artist in the world.
Covering her works on the street and in the studio, animation projects, collaborations, museum installations and community-based projects, The Red Skein is the most interesting and valuable collection of the artist's works. Of particular interest is “Persephone, Medea, Hecate: Constructing a crossroads for art and psychedelic-assisted therapy”, an intimate and moving text in which Caledonia explains her background and what art means for her.
The in-depth book also includes an introduction by bestselling author Dr. Gabor Mate, a Hungarian physician with huge expertise on a range of topics including addiction, stress, and childhood development.
There are also essays by New York Based Curator RJ Rushmore (one of the youngest and most respected critics of street and graffiti art in the world), Melena Ryzik (New York Times reporter who was part of a team that won a Pulitzer Prize in 2018 for reporting on workplace sexual harassment), Jerry Saltz (American art critic, senior art critic for The Village Voice and columnist for New York magazine) and Pedro Alonzo (Boston-based independent curator and Adjunct Curator at Dallas Contemporary).
Other contributors include Hans Ulrich Obrist (director of Serpentine Gallery, Art curator, critic and historian of art), Jeffrey Deitch (art dealer and curator, director of the Moca 2010-2013) and Judy Chicago (feminist artist, art educator and writer) .

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