Swoon Time Capsule
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Swoon Time Capsule

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Catalog of the exhibition Swoon: Time Capsule on Fluctuart, the floating urban art center in Paris.
Swoon, real name Caledonia Curry, is a major artist in the street art movement. She is a graduate of the Pratt Institute, Brooklyn (1998-2001) and known for her engravings of human-sized portraits that she pastes from 1999 in the streets of New York.
She also works on monumental projects and complex paper cut installations. Quickly spotted, she was invited in 2005 by gallery owner Jeffrey Deitch to produce her first personal exhibition in a gallery, in New York. The exhibition will be widely acclaimed, in particular by the critic Roberta Smith. This was followed by the acquisition of major works by the artist by the MoMa (New York, 2005) and the Brooklyn Museum of Art (New York, 2006). His works are shown in the exhibition "Great New York" at PS1 (New York, 2005), BALTIK (UK), PinchuckArtCentre (Ukraine), Tate Modern Museum (UK) and many others.
In 2010, a first monograph was published by Abrams editions. In 2014, the Brooklyn Museum in New York devoted his first major solo exhibition to him in an American museum, and the Cincinnati Contemporary Art Center offered the public, from September 2017 to February 2018, his first early career retrospective.

: 9782370260789