Tania Mouraud - Arnaud Pierre

Tania Mouraud - Arnaud Pierre

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The interest aroused today by the work of Tania Mouraud, a French artist born in 1942, is mainly linked to certain questions it raises, on identity, particularly feminine, on the responsibility of the artist in society. and in the face of history. If it does not seek to erase this dimension, Arnauld Pierre's interpretation prefers to refocus on the self-reflective strategies thanks to which the artist, who was first formed in the movement of conceptual art, demonstrates how to "see oneself seeing" should enable one to recapture the vital feeling of oneself. The ongoing investigation of perceptual and cognitive functions, through sensory stimulation in the environments of the late 1960s, through the analytical means of conceptual art in the 1970s, through the interweaving of the seen and the read in the counter - painted forms of the following decades, constitutes one of the common threads of this polymorphic work. Sensory environments, conceptual photo-texts and pseudo-paintings concealing linguistic statements appear as so many means of producing concept about percept.

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