Warmstyle Dizaster – Dize
Warmstyle Dizaster – Dize
Wasted Talent

Warmstyle Dizaster – Dize

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First volume of our collection of WASTED TALENT monographs dedicated to the artist DIZE.
Format: 16 x 23 cm (Italian style) / 160 color pages / Bilingual French, English / Hardcover [2004]

In Paris, Dize is certainly the writer with the most varied palette of styles. His dexterity for the tag and simple lettering, the diversity of his formal research on letters, and his numerous collaborations in collective frescoes are all elements that contribute to giving his work a singular dimension.

Essential, recognized by his peers, he practices a classic but innovative graffiti keeping the soul and the energy that inhabited the walls of the New York subways. This book highlights all the richness of his work by focusing on his career as a writer, his graffiti production and his work on paper. Get ready to enter his universe.